Terms & Conditions

Please note - this is an adults-only accommodation

Check In

Let us know your preferred check-in time on the booking form - and we will hope to greet you personally

KeySafe is also available for self-check-in - and then we can greet you later, to complete the relevant paperwork and help / answer any questions

Check Out

by 10.30 hrs

One Bed Apartment

Suitable for couples or close friends (Austrian style beds - with two separate mattresses, in one wooden bed frame.  Separate (single) duvets.  Sorry, but no children or babies are allowed to stay in the apartment.


A credit card is required to secure the booking when booking online, and a non-refundable deposit (equivalent to one night stay) will be processed.  Your credit card information is securely encrypted.

If the booking is made within 14 days of travel, the total amount will be processed

If you do not have a credit card and wish to make a bank transfer, please contact us via the contact page.  We will make the booking on your behalf and provisionally hold the space whilst the deposit is arranged.

Cancellation Policy

In the unfortunate event that you need to cancel your booking – please advise us immediately!

Within 4 hours of booking - we will refund the total amount, less an admin fee to cover processing of the credit card.

Your booking is STILL VALID and relevant cancellation charges will apply until we confirm your booking was cancelled.  We will always try and re-sell the space and refund what we can, less admin fees.

  • If you have a link in your confirmation email to cancel the booking – please use this
  • If there is no link – please email / telephone / WhatsApp us directly (details on booking form)

Cancellation charges are calculated as follows:

  • For any booking cancelled or modified from the time of reservation, up to 14 days before date of arrival, fee equivalent to 1 night stay (ie deposit) is charged
  • If the booking is cancelled or modified later, or in the case of no-show, the total price of the reservation will be charged

Insurance & Cancellation Insurance

Please ensure you have your own travel insurance (to cover any cancellation or other costs)

To get an online insurance quote with Europäische Reiseversicherung AG please click here:




Is not permitted inside the property


Sorry – no pets